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Thank you for making Ella's birth so special. Ella is such a wonderful, beautiful, magical gift ~ of course she still would be if her birth had been different, but it is an added element of her magic that she came into the world and our lives the way she did. I am so thankful I read a smidgen about Bradley in a pregnancy book, googled it ~ and found my way into your class. Not only did you make our birth experience so special, but you also demystified pregnancy, made it fun ~ I looked forward to your classes.

And then it's hard to describe the impact you had on that October day. You made Ella's birth into such a magical, spiritual, affecting experience for me and for Matt ~ and for Ella, as I'm sure those first few moments in the world do make a difference, and land somewhere in the brain and heart. I told you afterwards ~ it was like she was born in a cavern deep underground, in a place so disconnected from the bustle of the world above. That's the way her birth is in my memory. You made it that way by somehow sensing these things and finding all of the things that made me more comfortable (the birthing ball, the stool, the massages, and giving me your hand to hold ~ desperately at the end), but also just by being there as you are ~ warm, sweet, funny. You really relaxed both of us and you brought some magic back to an experience that calls for it. We ~ Matt, Ella and I ~ are forever grateful and thankful you guided us and shared her birth with us.

With much love,

After interviewing several doulas to support us in the birth of our first child, Lauren clearly stood out for us.  She was very supportive of natural childbirth, but wasn't completely opposed to every medical intervention. Lauren believes that every birth is unique, and that the most important thing is for parents to make informed choices.  We don't consider ourselves "extreme" people and we wanted a doula who would help us make the choices that were right for us, without judgment.  Lauren counseled us, advocated for us, and supported us through every step of labor and delivery.  The birth of our daughter was everything we'd hoped for, and it wouldn't have been the same without Lauren.  Not only was she our doula - she was also our childbirth class instructor.  Lauren's Bradley Method class prepared us for labor and delivery and provided us with friendships that have continued since our daughter was born.  We both agree that Lauren's class was the single best thing that we did to prepare for the birth of our daughter.  And we both agree that Lauren will be our doula for the birth of our next child too!

Tony and Jeni Fonseca

After leaving the Jacuzzi the contractions intensified and we continued to use the birth ball, walked the halls, moved into different position and used deep breathing and relaxation techniques. During transition, I was a text book case- "I can't do it"- Lenny was fantastic coaching me through saying "you're almost done"- the staff were extremely supportive and respectful of our birth plan the entire time. After 2 hours of pushing- Carter Joseph arrived being lifted by Caitlin into the world- delaying all the weighing, eye drops for skin to skin time. We could not have had a better birth experience and we accredit a substantial amount of this to the Bradley class! We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!

Caitlin & Lenny


After taking Lauren's Bradley Method child birth classes, we felt fully prepared (although still nervous!) for the birth of our baby girl. Lauren is totally down to earth and relatable; she helps instill a confidence in your body's ability to give birth naturally and in your birth partner's ability to support you along the way. Although our birth didn't go exactly as planned and we used pitocin to induce labor after my water broke, we were still able to have an otherwise natural delivery. We felt fully informed to make each decision, and were able to stay focused on our goal each step of the way thanks to the preparation Lauren's classes gave us.


It was an amazing birth- no epidural or medication ~ we moved around, shifted positions, sang, chanted, heaved, grunted, used the ball and jacuzzi, everything. ~ I found the whole experience awe-inspiring, humbling and empowering- I never realized that I had it in me to do it, or to move with my body so naturally. I was very relaxed, thanks largely to the Bradley class.

Leela and Subbu

I just wanted to say thank you for all the things you taught us in the class. The content was a huge help on soooo many levels.... from the mental preparedness to the physical 'self help' tools. Labor was long, 36 hours~

I used the relaxation techniques and Jonathan rubbed my back during every contraction day and night. It was because the constant care of my husband, using what he learned from the class, and encouragement of my midwife that I was able to avoid an epidural. I was thankful because I do not know how you could effectively push with an epidural~

Seeing our baby for the first time was an amazing moment. He already is bringing us so much joy. I wanted to share some more of the details with you to let you know how much we appreciated the information you taught us and how it truly helped in the amazing birth day. We are looking forward to the reunion in the coming month.

Kelli Trexler

After 10 years of giving birth to my first son, I was still very anxious, scared and unprepared for the birth of my new baby. Lauren's Bradley method class was informative, allowed me to vent and share pregnancy fears and experiences and alleviated a lot of tension I was feeling going into a natural birth.  The class also gave my husband and me a bonding experience by teaching us together calming techniques and ways he could help me through my pregnancy.  Lauren has a warm inviting personality and I appreciated the
friendship she extended.  Thank you for all that you have done for us, you made my pregnancy and birth an extraordinary memory we will cherish for a lifetime.


  Special thanks to all the families who allowed me to share excerpts from emails, their birth stories, and their precious photos.

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I was very nervous going into the birthing experience.  I wasn't planning on having a natural birth, but was unable to get an epidural for medical reasons.  After taking Lauren's class, I went into labor focused and calm.  Because of medication, I ended up having the choice of an epidural, but I was so ready for a natural birth, I didn't want it!  The labor was very manageable because of my preparation.  I think everyone who is expecting should take a Bradley class!


Just in case for some reason we have our baby before the refresher, I just wanted to thank you so much for everything. It was an excellent class and I really feel like I learned so much more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you for your willingness to listen and answer any question, no matter how silly it was. I definitely feel much more empowered now and, thanks to you, I am now prepared for and hoping for as natural a birth as I can have.

Take care and we will definitely be in touch,
Allison Welsh

We just wanted to let you know that our son was born last night. Allison did an AWESOME job and the birth was 100% natural. I am so proud of her! Thank you again for everything. I know that you played a big part in helping both of us have the confidence we needed to get the job done.

Thanks again!
Pat Welsh



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